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Monday, 29 February 2016 11:03 Host:

I sought out Suke in mid 2013 during a bad episode of bipolar depression and anxiety. I felt cut-off and isolated so decided to look for a psychologist to help me through the worsening episodes. I'd had a negative experience with CBT in the nineties in England so I went to the appointment with some negative as well as optimistic feelings but I immediately felt at ease and reassured enough to trust Suke and 'have a go'. She made me feel willing to take that risk.I needed an English speaker and her site Suke sounded both approachable and professional and she's been both throughout.
There's been a lot of homework (exposure practice, cognitive restructuring and activity charts). The pace and level of exposure practice was negotiable. Our interaction has been key to success and I feel that I'm contributing to my own well-being and through CBT I've learnt that change can and does become possible by working at it regularly.
I've been able to incorporate simple but satisfying activities like keeping gratitude cards and daily activity schedules because Suke convincingly showed how they work by making changes in the working of the brain. Fascinating and persuasive. CBT gave me 'evidence' that I wasn't always depressed as I remembered so I felt more in control of the reality of my health and more optimistic about the possibility of change.
During my ECT treatment last year I became extremely anxious about its procedures, long-term effects and even the practical aspects (interaction with the staff and the other French patients etc).Suke looked into the practical side and gave advice.
Last year I found the side-effects of my medication so distressing that, after 40 years of changing tablets, I began considering stopping all of it for good. As a consequence, Suke helped me decide that I needed to be hospitalised and readily liaised with my psychiatrist beforehand.I doubt if I could have agreed to this on my own.

I can now stand back and think that I don't have to follow distressing thoughts to their conclusion, or do this, or de like this. I can feel more optimistic about my future. Now we're looking back to my early impressions. I hope this shows how adaptable Suke is.

I've seen many professionals since 1974 and Suke has been the first to openly believe me as well as believe in me. I can highly recommend Suke. I wish I'd found her 40 yeas ago!
Marilyn Brooks
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