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1) Trudie Hall  Female
Marseillan, France Location
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Friday, 5 February 2016 21:24 Host:

After an accident, some three and a half years ago, I was suffering from depression and anxiety and felt that i really needed professional help in dealing with the problems I was facing. Sifting through the internet for information I came across the "Counselling in France" website which gives the names and qualifications of English-speaking counsellors in France and also, most helpfully, explains the various therapies in general use nowadays and their application to mental health problems.

Amongst the counsellors in my region of France I saw Suke Ryder's name and, on reading her CV, I immediately felt that her therapeutic approach and training sounded exactly what I was looking for to help me work through my problems. As Suke explains in her CV, her main approach is based on CBT, but she merges this with contributions from others therapies depending on her clients' needs. I found her use of CBT very effective in my case. I would describe it as a practical, hands-on therapy which involved my own efforts under her direction from the beginning. Besides the invaluable face-to-face interaction of the talking therapy, I was set daily tasks to do at home which, in combination, helped me towards insights (some of them very unwelcome !) into the nature of my patterns and habits. Suke knew just when I needed encouragement to continue, and when it was necessary to "tighten the reins" and gently, but firmly, to tell me off.

My fortnightly sessions with her were enormously rewarding and helpful and, borrowing a trendy phrase, life-enhancing. I had found travelling to Montpellier rather difficult and the latter part of my treatment was conducted on Skype, which proved to be a very satisfactory and beneficial solution for me.

I think the relationship between therapist and client is a crucial part of therapy and was, for me, of paramount importance. I did not turn into a carefree, happy-go-lucky individual overnight, but working with Suke, I have learnt to apply reality-checks to my anxieties and to face and understand my depression better and perhaps even to learn to accept how my behaviour patterns work !

Thank you Suke.
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